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Paxton was put behind bars to be taught a lesson he will never forget

Paxton learned the hard way yesterday

Paxton was arrested last night by Babeile, Babeile didn't know that he was called to arrest Paxton. He was surprised too when Mr Kgomo tells him that he must arrest his son. Mr Kgomo did not mean it, he was just teaching his son a lesson.

He only spent few hours in jail but he was already had enough of being inside the jail cell. He was later released and he promised his parents that he will never do it again. Paxton is an example of those learners, who are making it hard for the teachers to do their job at school.

Paxton told his parents that he will not do his homeworks and focus at school. What he means is that he will now be a good boy. In my opinion I doubt that Paxton will change, he loves causing trouble.


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