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Kgosi From #SkeemSaam Left Mzansi Disappointed After He Did This To Eunice

Kgosi From #SkeemSaam Left Mzansi Disappointed After He Did This To Eunice

Source: Hashtag #SkeemSaam twitter page

#The rise and fall of the Executive Eunice! This storyline was hot. The writers of this story are amazing they keep delivering the best for us their Viewers. We all knew it will come to this point. Slay queen lifestyle drugs also will be on her side. If we remember well since last month we've seen Eunice on our screens most of the time, from looking depressed because she's couldn't find job, from getting the job, being Miss Executive, then she was fired and now she's broke and will go to rehab.

Kgosi is a very horrible human being, after everything Eunice provided him with a shelter this is what he does, stealing from her and drugging her. Eunice gave Kgosi money, but still he went behind her back to steal the remaining money. Eunice shouldn't even accommodate Kgosi, she knows his Lehasa's lapdog and he was involved in killings Fanie.

Money blinded her, she wasn’t thinking. And now he stole all her money and he was spying for Lehasa. Kgosi will get away with this one because they will say Eunice is under influence of drugs when she opens a case of theft false pretences. We knew that Kgosi wouldn't just come to stay with Eunice without any intention, this has Lehasa written all over it.

Kgosi is the reason why Fanie got greedy and ended up dead. The reason why Mfundo and Bontle are out of their jobs and lost their shares. Also the reason why Lehasa is gonna walk free. He is a smooth, stupid operator but at the end, he is always left with nothing. When Eunice was just a waitress at Rovhuwa no one recognised the talent but she got the platform and she exploded like a bomb.

Eunice pushed away her best friend, and called her a witch and jealous of her goed. Mzansi would like to see Eunice suffer for weeks, just to learn a lesson. So that next time she gets money, she knows how to use it and treat people kind.

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