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Mzansi Excited As Connie Ferguson 'Finds Love Again'

The Queen's Harriet (Connie Ferguson) has been gleaming and profoundly infatuated since the time she made her return. Harriet has consistently played the merciless medication selling Queen dead set on obliterating anybody and anything in her manner. In any case, we have now been exposed to one more side of The Queen that we love. The Queen's Harriet, Connie Ferguson discovers love once more.

However the relationship is taboo and bound to end in tears. The intricacies of the undertaking with Hector can just prompt disaster. First of all, Harriet Sebata and the Khoza's are sworn, foes. Should Shaka and Brutus at any point become acquainted with of the issue we are ensured to see gore. Brutus has recently had his doubts however Harriet figured out how to suppress the doubt.

other warning is that since the time discovering love, Harriet appears to be exceptionally diverted in the organization business. She currently goes through her days stayed with Hector in a lodging or having a cookout at a secret spot. Being the minds behind the business, her absence of consideration on that front may spell lamentable.

Inside a couple of long periods of offering peace, Hector and Harriet foster affections for one another and begin to conceal their issue from their family, bringing about a considerably greater conflict between the Sebata and Khoza groups.

Hector and Harriet went into S6 of The Queen persuaded that they are perfect partners – each other's equivalent. They're family-orientated, they're bereaved, and they carry on with life to the max. Sounds like an ideal match, correct?

Well… While their romantic tale peruses like it's been torn out of a heartfelt novel, there is an issue: Hector is a hitched man.

Beside the risk of Hector getting found out in a circle of drama in S6 of the Queen, his little girl, Thando, will be on a mission to kill the Khozas.

In contrast to her dad, Thando will not pardon and never revisit her adversaries. She will persevere relentlessly to look for reprisal for her sister Mpho's passing.

All the pieces are in play on the storyboard. However, as consistently in this kind of game, the most shrewd piece stays The Queen.

The Queen October Teasers (18 to 22 October 2021)

Monday 18 October 2021

Scene 61

The desolate hour

Harriet and Brutus are at one another's throat and no other person knows why. Georgina at long last gets an opportunity to examine Thando without her in any event, knowing.

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Scene 62


Brutus twistings out control. Harriet needs to pick either love and family.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Scene 63

Plan moving

Brutus challenges the Khoza's administrative role similarly as Georgina bit by bit worms her direction into the Sebatas' privileged insights.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Scene 64

Dispose of the foe

Feeling cornered, Harriet goes on the offense. Georgina makes them disclose to do.

Friday 22 October 2021

Scene 65

Unsafe moves

Georgina is making an honest effort to uncover Thando and Hector. Brutus' fierceness exceeds all logical limitations.

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