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The man she thought is her father is not see how Tholang found out the truth

Tholang Motsumi is a 30-year-old transgender South African best known for hosting the reality show The Way Ngingakhona. Tholang is from Allanridge in the Free State as of 2021. She has not, however, given the public her actual date of birth.

She left the Free State and came to Johannesburg to fulfill her aspirations of becoming a woman as required after growing up in a humble village with a lot of shame.

Some parents are very good at keeping secrets and some secrets are better off left as secrets because if they are revealed a lot of people can get hurt. Some kids might blame their parents for keeping secrets from them not understanding that sometimes when you keep a secret you protect your kids it's not that you don't love them but you want to protect them because some truth can break a lot of families.

Secrets are not good but, unfortunately, some people keep secrets and no matter how hard you can try to tell people not to keep secrets they will never stop because some people know that if their secret can come out some people can even kill after finding out certain things.

We have kids who were raised by men who they thought it's their biological fathers. Only to find out that the man they thought is their father is not their biological father but their stepfather. And in most cases, some people find out about such things because black, have rituals so sometimes it happens that a child is sick and they have to perform a certain ritual for them only to find out that the ancestors from the father's side don't recognize the child. And that's when the child will know that the man they thought was their father all along is not.

Tholang left people in shock and stitches after revealing that the man she thought is her father all along is not. Below is what Tholang wrote:

It's not easy to tell a child that the man she thought is her father is not her father. Though tTholang did share this she didn't say a lot, but I think what probably happened is Tholang's mom found a man 3 years later after burying the man Tholang thought is her father, and the man probably impregnated Tholang's mother and might have run off, so Tholang's mother didn't know what to tell Tholang but made up the story until she found out like this today.

Sometimes being a parent comes with a lot of challenges and some of the challenges come with a lot of pain that pushes you to protect your child by lying to them. Because some truth can break a loving family. Hopefully, Tholang will heal after this and forgive her mother for lying to her.

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