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Limpopo Comedian Threatens To Bewitch Motsetserepa; Here's Why!

Bofelo William Molebatsi, Botswana comedian.

Motsetserepa is wanted in South Africa, Limpopo in particular after he allegedly took money for booking and performed a no show during the day of the event he was booked for.

Unprofessionalism in that particular matter also deprived him of an opportunity to perform at Sun Meropa in December after Thabang ER was warned not to book him after his scandal.

Legadimana Maisela, famously known as Sir Jovial is a South African comedian and presenter from Limpopo and he is willing to do what Limpopians are notorious for if Motsetserepa doesn't pay back his money - bewitch him.

According to Sir Jovial, Motsetserepa was paid to perform at the University of Limpopo during the Elaneng-Jovial Comedy Show that was held in October 2019 but he never pitched and has not refunded the booking fee yet.

In a live video that was posted on his Facebook page, Sir Jovial FX Comedian, he revealed that he is looking for a top sangoma that will be able to help him bewitch William Last and also cited that he paid Twitter influencers around R10,000.00 to make him trend on Monday, 16 October.

Jovial claims that he gave Motsetserepa a month to pay him back after he promised to, but he never did and after a couple of months when he inquired, Last blocked him on all social media platforms.

The bow show did not bode well with the fans of both Sir Jovial and Motsetserepa that attended the show, which I have also attended, and they thought Jovial put up the name to attract more people, which was not the case.

Responding to the criticism, Jovial said then that Motsetserepa and his manager were not picking up calls and put them on the speaker for everyone to hear for themselves.

The extremely angry Jovial also said that after he posted on Facebook demanding his money, there was a person who promised him that he will be paid back his money within 24 hours, but he vowed to continue talking until he gets his money back.

He further said that it was not the first time they promised to pay back the money but never did, like how they did with the no show stunt.

He promised to upload the proof of payment, allegedly to the value of R45, 000.00 on YouTube tonight and also talk about how the whole drama happened.

At the time of publishing, Jovial did not want to share the proof of payment, but cited that if Motsetserepa feels like he doesn't owe him, he must go to the police and that that was not the route he wanted to take.

Watch: The live video of Sir Jovial making Witchcraft threats.

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