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Psyfo reacts after someone posted his picture saying this about him

Psyfo recently came across a Facebook post which left him in disbelief. Someone posted his picture and wrote "Rest In Peace" on his caption. Basically the person was allegedly saying that Psyfo is dead. This made him realize how people can do almost anything to get attention on social media. He also mentioned that someone dying shouldn't be a joke and people should stop making things up for attention. See his tweets on the incident below and people's reactions aswell;

Sipho Ngwenya (also known by his stage name Psyfo) is a South African musician and actor best known for his role as Ajax on the SABC1 soap opera Generations, from 2006-2010. Ngwenya was born and raised in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

"The thing about this social media popularity is that most people post for clout. They do this to gain many followers, so they too can get paid and call it a hustle."

"I admire your integrity and the way you dealing with it Sidwell but honestly this is not the first fake death posted on social media. You should make that person an example & have him reported beyond just this platform. This is sick it's like witchcraft at this point. Sekwanele."

"I'm so glad that you're strong enough to not let this phase you. Thank you for highlighting this issue because people forget this all time."

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