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Teenage Pregnancy: "You chose Smanga for the money" Zanele's ex-boyfriend fights for DNA test

Teenage Pregnancy is about young girls who have fallen pregnant and are trying to navigate life inside the circle of judgement. We get to view them under a telescope and the conversation is centered around regret and lessons for other young girls.

Zanele has had a tumultuous journey on the show and it isn't improving at all

After having dealt with Smanga's family being neigh sayers about him being the father, she now has her ex-boyfriend of two years to worry about. He came to see her and the baby and at first it seemed like an innocent enough visit until he started to demand she tell him the truth about her daughter.

She retaliated proudly but he insisted money motivated her to point the finger at Smanga and not at him. I've never seen a man be so determined to be the father. He was even counting the months and asking about her being a premature baby. It was jarring especially because he echoed what Smanga's family said.

Social Media Response

People were shocked and similarly a little bit disappointed after fighting for hard for Zanele since the start of the show.

One user wrote, "Zanele already went to Smanga them with her Family telling them his the Father now suddenly shows up her ex claiming all along they use to sleep together for 2 years #teenagepregnancy"

While one user wrote, "I'm sure zanele ex wanted to humiliate her after everything #TeenagePregnancy"

Personal Thoughts

I have to agree with those who believe the ex has bad intentions. He waited until the child was born to come bother her. He took the chance to talk to the cameras about how she's a gold digger, those are not the actions of someone whose sincere. He wanted to push a narrative about her but all in could notice was how much older he was. I'm glad Zanele wants to do DNA test to settle this issue for once and for all.

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Source: Teen Pregnancy on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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