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"Tonight On #Skeem Saam: Eunice's Skeletons Escape The Closet "


Eunice's Skeletons Escape The Closet

The term when days are dark friends are few will apply perfectly to Eunice. And when she comes back to her senses she will finally realise that her only true friend was Pretty. Whom she thought was jealous of her. All the crew that was with her when money was galore will now distance themself away from her. When there's no more sugar you won't see bees. Her broke days have finally come. She has been spending money like nobody's business. Partying with the wrong people and using the money on useless things.

She chose her new Friends over her old friend Pretty. When Pretty tried to advice her she pushed her away and said she was jealous. After being broke she will know that people praise you when you have money. But the time all the money is finish they will be nowhere to be found. She will now realise that money is not bigger than people who supported her when she had nothing.

She spent money on people she hardly knows. She was just so careless with her money. Treated her best friend badly as if she was going to be a millionaire forever. But as far as money is concerned we learned that we should plan and use money wisely because we don't know what might happen tomorrow. She made her bed now she has to lie on it. She lied to her parents and abandoned her friends Pretty.


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