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Why Jub Jub raped Amanda du Pont and was never arrested

JUB JUB is well known for being on the screens trying to help people to find out about their cheating partner's and also trying to resolve relationships in south Africa.

Things are going well for JUB LA ma sweet since his shows get more view on the dstv platforms, it is interesting to see the career of JUB JUB making it big.

since he started the shows people have criticized him for doing this shows because they look dangerous and people say that he might get killed for doing such things as oyajola 9\9 it is a show that many likes and it is a show that many hates also.

But more drama is now exposed and this might be just a drama that is planned to drag the name of JUB JUB, there's news circulating saying that JUB JUB raped amanda du pont.

But JuB says that he have been in the game and crazy things happens in the game like Jub jub says that in the creative industry many people are taking funny thing's to keep up the game.

it might be the fact that there's pressure in the industry and people are trying to keep up with the pressure to be number one in the game.

The rape allegations against the name of jub jub might affect the image of jub jub and his shows as now many start to believe in his shows, amanda du Pont made it to the public to says that jub jub raped her.

but one could wonder how did jub jub rape her if she was close to jub jub and she was also the one visiting him in prison.

it looks like jub jub and amanda du pont were in a happy relationship before and now because of the gender based violence campaign.

amanda see it as the opportunity to expose jub jub, one could also question how did jub jub rape her and he was not arrested because it is obvious that some legal action was supposed to take place.

Could this be a strategy to make people aware of gender based violence or could this be true, jub jub went further to talk about how the mother of her son Kelly used muthi on him.


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