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"What's The Maximum Amount You're Willing To Pay For Lobola"...Mzansi Men React Quickly

There's a post making rounds on the social media streets with the owner of the page asking the many followers specifically males how much are they willing to spend on lobola.

Now as you'd expect, this post really raffled a lot of feathers not only on the male side but also the other gender. The male answered the question differently with all of them giving an explanation to why they said they would pay that certain amount they chose.

It was really interesting because even the females started coming to the comments section despite not being allowed. They disagreed with some of the amounts the makes suggested, saying it was too cheap and they would never agree to it.

Lobola is the money paid to the bride's family as a way to say thank you for raising their daughter well and preparing her for their son. Over the years lobola has gotten a lot of criticism saying its outdated and wastes a lot of money that could be used for better things. 

Those complains didn't really do a thing because even to this day the culture of lobola is still practised by many African families.

What do y'all think?? Let's talk in the comments section


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