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UthandoNesthembu: Musa No Longer Cares About MaKhumalo And This Is Suspected, See Here

One might say that there is a reason why there is a perception that Mseleku does not care about MaKhumalo as he used to, but the thing is that, if ever the people were to make comparisons, they would most likely say that, out of all the four wives, MaKhumalo is the least cared about.

And whether this is seen as right or wrong, it makes total sense and this is according to the observations that have been made since the start of the show.

Some people might say that this has to do with MaKhumalo's inability to bear Mseleku children, but this sounds too insensitive. And we would not want to believe that this could be one of the reasons why some people claim that they do not see the connection Mseleku has with the other wives when it comes to MaKhumalo.

At this point, it kind of looks like, the relationship MaNgwabe has with Mseleku is more intimate than the relationship that Mseleku has with MaKhumalo.

And bare in mind, MaNgwabe and Mseleku always fight about something, but then again, this goes to show that, all the fighting does not mean that they do not love each other at all.

Somehow, when it comes to the other wives, Mseleku is still that caring husband and this is a view from some people, but what you might not have expected is that, there is a totally different view.

There are people who think that Mseleku and MaKhumalo are actually good, there is no tension there and one could say that one of the reasons they seem distant is because they have an understanding.

MaKhumalo is actually doing her thing, as you saw, she has been away from Mseleku and for this to happen, there has to be understanding and trust. One person pointed out that Mseleku tends to be harsh on MaNgwabe, but lets things slide when it comes to the other wives, especially MaKhumalo.

When it comes to how Mseleku treats each of his wives, people have concerns, we have seen how his mood changes every time he is with MaYeni, he is happier. But, the blame cannot be on Mseleku, he probably feels more appreciated and respected by MaYeni and people might have seen this.

So, do you think that Mseleku has stopped caring about MaKhumalo for some reason? Or do you think that they are just able to understand each other and know when to give each other space.

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