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Casper Nyovest Cars And House In Another Level Of Beauty. (See photos)

Recently, the social media were visited by Rapper Cassper Nyovest in his district by his supporters.

Nyovest traveled through his home, showed some of the horses at home, and said with a loud taxi sound, he grew up awakke, now waking to the sound of the horses. Man is alive. Man is alive. He did not disclose precisely where his home was. Some rumor suggests that the mansion in Kyalami, Johannesburg, has a huge value of R10 million.

Recent days after he declared that he wants to see the famous boxing scene in SA flourish, the rapper overtook trend charts. The singer struck several of his feathers, leading to BigXhosa and Prince Kaybee or to Princess Kaybee, who called Cassper to him in the boxing ring.

All went south - or from fans' perspective - after a Big Xhosa raised against Emtee and Cassper, claiming Emtee had disrespect, because Big Xhosa was not famous. It's all very fascinating. When the feelings were caught, the comic rapper didn't feel great. Then he claimed that Cassper or Emtee would be knocked out, and Nyovest had absolutely no answer and things quickly escalated.

"Nkao stealing, Mfanaka I'm not even going to lie to you. I won't lie to you. I won't lie to you. Don't, I know you're wanting the clout of Mara tswada. It's not going to end well."

"Some Ubindiwe Cassper! My business was chilling, you talked about me, and I replied that I am the one who wants clout now? Not even Bruh says, come back and block me wena Blockist. Block me."

Prince Kaybee and both of them agreed to fight each other with the post of Nyovest.

"I've tweeted about #CelebrityBoxing since last night and wanted to see the fighting people. Many people tell me and Kaybee. Many people tell me. I know he likes to speak great stupidity, but I don't believe he's the courage to get me in the ring. If he's game, I'm completely game."

Before he fought a tweep questioned Cassper curiously about Cassper's boxing experience and his answer was appalling.

"I never had an official struggle in my life, but I can tell you I am a problem. If he finished fighting, you had to wait and watch Princess' match. We expect a date. We expect a date. We're going to know we're on once we get a date." He replied Cassper.

Here are his house and car photographs:

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