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Ntsiki Mazwai Trending Once Again On Twitter!

#Ntsiki trending on Twitter following her constant fights against Gender Based Violence in South Africa.

Today the South African Twitter is just appreciating her for playing her part in fighting for women rights and safety. Most admires her for always standing up for the truth even though she normally gets trolled.

If you have been following each and every case of South African GBV. You would know that Ntsiki has always been one of the women that are found on the frontline of the fights.

She continues to spread awareness about gender based violence and thus awakening the fighting spirits of alot of South african people that are also against GBV.

Posted by Ntsiki Mzwai, this is an E-mail screenshot of Ntsiki fighting for the rights of the woman who is currently accusing both DJ Fresh and Euphonik of GBV.

As you can see, even in her private life Ntsiki continues to fight for tue rights of victimised women.

Alot Of of people felt like the likes of Ntsiki were left out and less appreciated. Especially after Boity was trending for merely saying something on the DJ Euphonik Saga. If you think of it, that is basically what Ntsiki does every day.

People thought it was unfair to have Boity trending for doing the bearest minimum.


Personally I feel like the world is in a desperate need of fearsome women like Ntsiki because it is only through strong women that the world will start respecting women and handling them with care.

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