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Mzansi is impressed by this 21-year-old who just graduated as a Doctor.

Dr Thakgalo Thibela enrolled to study medicine at Wits University at the age of 16. Now, aged 21, she has managed to graduate as a doctor and Mzansi is impressed.

She skipped 2 grades at grade 9 in high school because she was very smart, so in other words she matriculated at 15. This child is a very good example to other children and that is how things are supposed to be, if this generations manages to raise such children it will be great. Children will also be working at a young age which will increase the number of employed people and our wealth will improve, just like developed countries where you find 16-year-olds driving. Other people were curios about how she registered at Wits without an ID, nowadays they use their birth certificate which has the ID numbers and register. This thing of children finishing at 16/17 years old should be considered.

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