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Limpopo Mulalo From Muvhango Is The Only One Who Can help Vho Masindi

Mulalo is the main close benefactor for Vho-masindi - however he will do the unforeseen. Mulalo has consistently been the blackship of the family. The entire family Hada betrayed him to where Borosi and Phusuphusu need to utilize him as a human penance. 

They plotted to kill him, they recruited man to go to his lodging and shoot, much to their dismay that Masindi had her very own arrangement. 

In her plot to harm Mulalo, Masindi had chance by individuals who were intended to kill Mulalo. What a wind! Masindi is currently battling for her life. She needs a benefactor to serve her. 

Mulalo has calculated that Masindi was wanting to kill him, which leaves him wishing Masindi would simply bite the dust. With everybody getting tried to discover a benefactor, will Mulalo consent to get tested?

Mulalo may receive tried provided that he will receive something consequently. With Azwindini frantic to save his mom, Mulalo will utilize that for his potential benefit?? Mulalo will set expectations.

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