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Theatre to be renamed after slain Matwetwe actor

The Momentum Theater at the State Theater will be named out of appreciation for Sibusiso Khwinana

The Momentum Theater at the State Theater will currently be named after killed Matwetwe film lead entertainer Sibusiso Khwinana, Pretoria East Rekord reports. 

It has been a home for all works including move, show, verse and little scope musicals. 

Mkhize said Khwinana was among the creatives allowed a chance to grandstand works under the State Theater's imaginative improvement program. 

He composed and coordinated a hard-hitting stage play on homophobia and restorative assault in lesbians named, Amend. 

In 2018, he was endowed with the obligation of being a Stage and Production Manager for the South African group that was sent to speak to the nation at the People to People Cultural Exchange Program facilitated in China. The China gathering will rejoin to deliver an exhibition in mirroring the last minutes they and State Theater had with Khwinana. 

The renaming service will frame part of the dispatch of the State Theater's eleventh Youth Expressions Festival (YEF) on the day. 

The new venue name that is expected to be revealed, will fill in as an achievement for the auditorium as it rethinks itself as Africa's driving performing expressions office. 

The 25-year-previous lifestyle's passed on when he was cut to death in a clear battle with a looter who took his telephone outside the Sterland Mall.

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