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She Took This Picture And Said She Was In America But People Noticed Something Else. Check It Out.

Date || 16 October 2021

Source || Twitter 


Nowadays, a lot of us are pressured to show off flashy lifestyles which some of us don't even live. We find ourselves having to lie to people so that we can fit in and feel like the rest of those who actually live those lives. However, sometimes we slip and end up being caught in the act which in all honesty, is very much embarrassing.

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We have even seen some celebrities lie about their status so that they can seem appealing to a lot of people, however, in the end, they end up being caught as well which once again is very much embarrassing to see. 

Most recently, a certain lady referred to as 'Hey S.hawty' on Instagram embarrassed herself when she posted a picture of herself at what seems like a fancy restaurant or hotel. On Instagram, when you post pictures, you have an option to share the location you are at in the picture and it seems like the lady didn't think this through when she added the location she said she was at in the picture. The lady shared that she was in Los Angeles, United States of America (USA) in the picture that she posted. However, when people zoomed into the picture, they saw something which made them question whether that lady was really in the United States or not. 

Photo credit: Twitter 

As you can see in the picture above, when people zoomed into the picture, they saw a taxi that's own to be very much prominent in South Africa in the background. These kinds of taxis are not used in the United States of America as Americans are known to make us of the yellow taxis which carry a certain number of people. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Some people even zoomed in more than the others and saw that the number plate of the taxi showed the letters 'GP' which is the number plate of cars in Gauteng, one of the provinces in South Africa.

Photo credit: Twitter 

Here people could, therefore, see that the lady was laughing and because if of this, she, therefore, turned into a laughing stock. People made jokes about her and just laughed at her trying to make people believe that she was in Los Angeles, USA.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter

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