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13 Celebrities that have discovered the fountain of youth

There should be something restoring in that Hollywood water! That is an idea we as a whole have in our minds every once in a while when checking out pictures of new stars that appear to not have perceived the idea of time. While we count the number of new silver hairs developed for the current month, these big names continue to stun us with the irregularity of their age and their appearance. 

1. Eve, 1992 versus 2019 

Eve began her profession at a youthful age and has more than 20 years of being under the spotlight. Presently she's 42, and it appears as though a long time haven't left any imprints on her. 

2. Gabrielle Union, 2009 versus 2021 

The Bring It On and Being Mary Jane star shared that at 48 she has a couple of methods that support her sparkle. She drinks sufficient water, ensures she gets something like 8 hours of rest, and exercises. 

3. Queen Latifah, 1987 versus 2020 

The Oscar-named, Grammy-and Emmy-winning artist and entertainer turned 51 on March 18. Queen offers that she eats a ton of vegetables and lean meats, hydrates strictly.

4. Alicia Silverstone, 1992 versus 2020 

The Clueless star, who is 44 years of age, says that her eating routine is the key to her childhood — Alicia is veggie lover and leads an eco-accommodating way of life. She shares that once she surrendered meat and dairy, she began looking better after only fourteen days. 

5. Jeremy Piven, 2005 versus 2021 

The popular American entertainer and comic shared that he lifts loads, works out with rope, and does jiujitsu. He likewise said in a meeting that he has been doing yoga for quite a long time and goes for a run when he awakens. 

6. Alfre Woodard, 1995 versus 2020 

Alfre Woodard is presently 68 years of age, yet seeing her photos from the past, it seems like she simply changes outfits and haircuts, however doesn't age by any means. 

7. Jamie Foxx, 2004 versus 2021 

There is consistently an inquiry with regards to Jamie Foxx — how can he actually look as youthful as he did during the 2000s? In those days, when he was 33, he had his own series, The Jamie Foxx Show. Today, he's 53 and still a well known entertainer that appears to have discovered the wellspring of youth 

8. Sharon Stone, 2002 versus 2021 

The 63-year-old entertainer shares that her mysterious of youth is something she took from her mother — she shares that she gave her a container of lotion and told her to clean her skin and saturate morning and night, and that is the thing that she does. 

9. Bianca Lawson, 1991 versus 2019 

Bianca Lawson has played young people on-screen beginning around 1993 and it's actually nothing unexpected why. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Pretty Little Liars star is 42, yet you can't tell since her gleaming skin resembles it's ever-enduring. Bianca shares that she lean towards regular sugars to sugar and tea to espresso and accepts that adolescent is an attitude, so to remain youthful you need to decrease pressure and appreciate life. 

10. Alicia Keys, 1997 versus 2021 

The 40-year-old vocalist looks youthful and new, however she additionally figures out how to look more youthful than her years without wearing substantial cosmetics — she advocates for accepting normal magnificence and really has inconceivable skin. Her routine incorporates jade rolling, oils, and cucumber mash. 

11. Elizabeth Hurley, 2001 versus 2021 

Today the British model is 54 years of age, yet in her most recent Instagram posts, she honestly resembles a young lady in her 20s. What's more, however it looks easy, she invests a ton of energy into it. Her strategies are hydration, a reasonable eating regimen, and exercises. For instance, Elizabeth does squats while cleaning her teeth and thinks about cultivating her fundamental type of activity. 

12. Helena Christensen, 1998 versus 2020 

It's difficult to accept, however the well known supermodel turns 52 this year, showing her perfect body on her Instagram account. Helena shared that in Denmark, where she's from, individuals are instructed to not conceal anything with regards to what nature gave them. 

13. Janet Jackson, 1998 versus 2020 

The music legend turned 55 in May and it seems like 20 years have made no imprints all over. Jackson doesn't actually share her insider facts to remaining youthful, however she referenced that she has a generally plant-based eating regimen, doesn't eat meat, and that she has a drawn out relationship with wellness. 

What's your mystery to remaining energetic? Share with us in the comment section below

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