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Robert Marawa: Thanks for "Clapping" me Hard

Many people takes criticism differently some take it and improve their weakness. However some people mentally they are not strong enough. When you criticise them you break them.

Robert Marawa had an interesting opinion on how he manage to handle criticism.

Robert Marawa says his induction in radio there was no producer. He was shown the ropes by Romeo Khumalo. He did a 30 minutes show on Sunday. He managed to grow. It was extended to an hour, from an hour to an hour 30 minutes,it was doing great. He was working in one of the biggest commercial radios at that time Radio Metro.

Many people knew him as a TV guy. They were too skeptical when he first moved to to Radio. They thought no ways he won't cut it in Radio.

There was this guy who used to work for Sowetan newspaper. He used to criticise Marawa every time on his column repeatedly so. Whenever there was an opportunity to criticize the sport anchor. Sowetan was the gospel that time. There was no social media.

He used to clap me very hard. He used make sure. I make headline, he will say "hey hey" Marawa pretty boy this and that. You are "useless" on Radio.You don't deserve to be there and all sort of criticism he said.

This man used to "clap" me. I will open up the newspaper. I will read what he said about me. He took aim at me, it started to affect my confidence. I will be like what is really going here. I don't understand this he said.

The guy left Sowetan publication and joined another publication Saturday star. The first column he wrote on his new job.Guess what He was clapping Robert Marawa again.

I was like no "kanti nge menzeni lobaba" What have I done now he said. Robert did not want to mention his name. However he thanked him for criticising his work. He is thanking him wherever he is because his criticism managed to build Marawa. He must keep on doing it. He must not stop.

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