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BOMBSHELL | Jub Jub making claims about Kelly Khumalo after another interview Entertainer, Jub Jub makes a sensitive case about Kelly Khumalo in a last meeting. Performer and tv actress Moremo Maarohanie made a risky case in a reality show with this week. Jub Jub was a visitor on "Web recording and Chill", the closing scene of the unique collection where the webcast broadcasted on channelO. In a speak with, Jub asserted that his former accomplice, Kelly Khumalo, applied "muti." He asserted that Amanda du Pont, with whom he was dating, left him for Kelly's Muti.

Jub declared that she went through 3 years with entertainer Amanda Du-Pont while studying at (Africa Film Show Workmanship). He delivered that their dating completed when Amanda unexpectedly moved in the wake of showing up in a paper with Kelly Khumalo. Then, at that point, he stated he understood that Kelly was "doing" completely after Amanda moved. "It's the same old thing that she utilizes Muti. Everybody realizes she utilizes Muti, and I assume she applied it to keep me from being with her, "he stated.Then, at that point, he proceeded with that it was his mother who let him know that Kelly utilized Muti.

Jub Jub, who has Kelly and his toddler, additionally cleared out speculation that he wouldn't connect with his toddler by playing a voice update he shipped off the artist to illustrate he had proven up. He stated he played a MacG voice word and Kelly responded to the voice reminder inquiring as to whether Jub Jub was prepared to turn into his present dad.

In a post that was consequently erased, Jub visited the Instagram page this week, expressing that his call were round for so many years that he might end quietness on severa topics not canvassed in the assembly. "Individuals who preserve quiet ultimately have a say have power. I disdain the people who utilize the powerless and the feeble, the people who choose all that they don't know anything.

"My call was hauled into the dust for a honestly long time, and people scorned and debilitated what it took to make the call, "he said.


Jub Jub is all about creating trouble, many relationships have ended because of his show, now he's targeting Kelly Khumalo's carreer. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more insightful news

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