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Mzansi's Not Happy After This Lady Snatched Her Mother's Husband In #EnoughIsEnough

Mzansi's Not Happy After This Lady Snatched Her Mother's Husband In #EnoughIsEnough

Source: Hashtag #EnoughIsEnough twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

People were left heartbroken after a lady chose her step father over her mom who gave birth to her. Its alleged that the lady has now dating the step father. Her mom (Mokgadi) has moves back to the back room and she sleeps in the house with the the step father. Apparently they allegedly been away for 2 to 3 day together and no one knew where they are. Her mom think that they also slept together. The mother has packed her belongings with the help of MojaLove show #EnoughIsEnough which is hosted by Phumeza Mdabe.

They both had an accident and both received RAF money. The husband said the mother must buy 2 taxis with her RAF money then he went behind the wife's back to change the ownership. To those who can help with this case interms of law need to help. She lost her assets, the husband took her taxi's and business and left her with nothing. Emotional and psychological abuse swearing at her, he is sleeping with her daughter.

This is the reason in old times a mother if she have a child with another man and getting married not to the same man, she leave the child behind with grandparents or someone. This girl will cry what she's doing to her mom. She is rubbish together with that step father. It pains to see other kids ill treating their mothers. They don't know how blessed they are to have mothers who are still alive.  

She's lucky and blessed to have a mother but she doesn't see that, one day is one day and she will regret. It seems like she's fuckn with that old man look the way she's defending him damn. The daughter you will regret taking advantage of her mother's good heart. 

People have been praying that the pray that Mother receives all the help she needs after this episode. She has endured too much abuse because of her husband and her daughter. 

What is your views about this episode. How can this woman be help in this situation. Let's share your views and don't forget to like our page for more latest news.

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