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Muvhango' actor Dingaan on women playing hard to get

Actor Dingaan Mokebe (ka Khumalo) has warned ladies not to play tough to get as they could live to regret it, and cautioned guys now not to be scared to shoot their shot. 

The Muvhango actor dropped a few phrases of knowledge and courting recommendation in a video he shared on Instagram where he posed a question about why women and men in no way pass for who they need. 

In the video dubbed as his DSK Diaries, Dingaan started out asking men why they usually had bloodless feet when it got here to asking out their crush, and finding out later that their crush preferred them too. 

"So, gents inform me, have you ever had a crush on a woman but you are so scared to speak to this woman due to the fact you're questioning 'if I tell this woman she won't talk to me ever again', or have you ever had a weigh down on a female and become scared to speak to her simplest to find out that she also had the overwhelm for you?

"And then you best realize in a while while she's taken or whilst you're taken and you talk to her and also you inform her of the time you desired her however changed into scared to tell her. And then she says to you: 'Why failed to you speak purpose I additionally favored you too?' Have you ever been in that state of affairs?"   

He switched the script and then requested women why they're by no means sincere about their emotions for a person who wanted them, but alternatively "played hard to get". 

"Ladies, have you ever ever performed hard to get knowing very well that you want this guy however you performed hard to get? And then when he became now not fascinated and changed into with someone else, this is when you desired him but he became no longer available? 

"Has something like that ever passed off to you? I'm simply wondering why will we ought to complicate life like that? Why do you like gambling tough to get?"

He additionally made point out of ladies who held off doing on things because they have been involved they is probably perceived as an clean lady. 

"Why do you care what he thinks of you. I mean, each of you are adults. Why do you play tough to get? Please, ladies, allow me understand, have you ever ever played hard to get and regretted it later? 

"Maybe the man you desired is with any individual else and also you see that he's dwelling a totally first-rate like and you're like, eish, that might've been my lifestyles proper there."

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