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Divorce Affair

Jub-Jub doing his best to humiliate others.

It crazy how these cheaters are never embarrassed about their behavior but always angry at Jub-Jub for exposing them. Males are the worst, cheating in the same flat, cheating with someone's girlfriend knowingly. It's has been proven mjolo ain't for the weak.

Jub-Jub takes pride in exposing people's cheating behavior. One thing about him he would swear on National tv like there's nothing wrong to it. He has been caught various times invading people's privacy. Given the last episode it's was uncalled for for him to unpack the jam clothing bag bought for the side chick? He is very good at adding fuel to the plot.

At some point producer's of the show will have to limit some of Jub-Jub actions. There is a clear violation of people's rights, given the last episode. More over his way of humiliating other people.

The program is good for exposing infidelity not to humiliate. People. He leaves no stone unturned which is a good job but it's mustn't be done at the expense of infringing other people's rights.

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