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Comedy unlimited: 30 funniest jokes

1. As a naija young lady, If your man proposes to you, You should hold your chest and open your mouth wide It's in the Nigerian Constitution

2. Men don't print broadcast appointment assuming he doesn't call you, call him you will not die

3. Dear folks, Please assuming that a young lady cooks and wash your materials if it's not too much trouble, wed her its difficult to be a maid

4. And furthermore, before you wed a reasonable Nigerian woman request her JSS3 pictures so you can foresee your future children shading SAY NO TO 419

5. At the point when the congregation cameraman is your beau you show up more habitually on the congregation screen than the preacher

6. Regardless of how boisterous a conductor in a transport yells enter with ur change.there is as yet 1passenger dat will enter with 1k...

7. I don't date folks who don't have a vehicle says a young lady who showers with a soup till it become the size of a sim card.


8. In the interim broke sweethearts will not make reference to it to you that your hair is old, they'll resemble, Wow!!! This your hair is simply getting more excellent each day

9. You post your image dressed half stripped and you state "I want Love and Attention"

No no, my sister, you really want garments and education.


10. Yoruba young ladies resemble "I am LOLA WUNMI KOLADE, I stay in MAKERA close to DIAMOND home, yet you can call me LWKMD"

11. Certain individuals sef......

Which one is "cheerful Birthday dear, your days are numbered"... nawaoo

12. Do you realize that when they begin arranging how to toast your sister, They begin welcoming you "SENIOR MAN"

13. Those of you that wore that T-shirt that said "My cash develops like tree"how far na? The cash still dey grow??

14. I just found the significance of well young ladies use when talking folks It implies hand me cash cash cash cash cash money

Chaii shrewdness won't kill Flovictor one day oo I can't fit shout

15.10min prior I was exhausted so I called

the police

Me: Hello help, 335 individuals are

following me

Police: Calm down, where are you

Me: On instagram

Police: Idiot

16.that's the means by which I erroneously ventured on

a Yoruba girl

Yoruba young lady: are u in Zain?

Me: no I'm in mtn

17. Young ladies won't ever change at all..

Your beau stays with you and

buy you "Suya" But on the grounds that you're

angry with him you tossed the "Suya"

into the waste canister in his presence....

He leaves indignantly just to discover

that he has left his vehicle keys at your

place and returns to meet you

eating the "Suya"


Lemme just faint!...just kukuma kee


give me space lemme faint..

18. Somebody asked an elderly person: "Even

after 70 years, you actually call your wife

Darling, Honey, Love." What's the


*Old man: I failed to remember her name and I'm

scared to ask her!*


19. Spouse: I want to be a paper. So

I'd be in your grasp all day.

*Husband: I also wish that you were a

newspaper. So I could have a new

one each day!*.

20. A youngster asks his Dad: "What is

the distinction between sure and


*Dad says: "You are my child, I'm

confident regarding that. Your companion over

there, is likewise my child, that is


21. What's the distinction between

stress, strain and panic?_

*Stress is the point at which your better half is pregnant;*

*Tension is the point at which your sweetheart is


*Panic is when both are pregnant!*


22.Grammar Teacher: Do you know the

importance of a period?

*Rufus : Yeah, when my sister said she

has missed one, my mother blacked out, dad

got a respiratory failure and our driver ran

away!* letting me be to watch

Tom and Jerry.... Lol

23.Boss : ekaette, presently that madam has


out, get this cash, go to that

pharmacy, buy

a pack of condom and come to my

room for


ekaette :, alright oga

( after the show )

boss: ekaette, ure so sweet

ekaette : well oga, na so door man

talk say i

sweet pass madam o

boss: what!!!and lair he Fainted.

24. my grandma came to me and said that her telephone ringing tone is done, I requested that she give me some cash let me proceed to download another for her...... All the cash she gathered from my granddad when she was youthful, I'll gather them back

25. fiendishness is the point at which you ask a young lady for her number, however she gives you an off-base number, on returning home you call and a local specialist gets the call, then, at that point, you erroneously make proper acquaintance my love..... Otherworldly slap is involved

26.When you were conceived your dad named you Jennifer, your mom called you Omalicha, and presently you have changed your name on Facebook to mhiz sexzy bae. Presently who is stupid?

27.RIP is the point at which your mom is searing garri and you see a goat eating the cassava, then, at that point, you pick a stone and toss, yet it mistakingly hit your mom on the head

28.Some folks can misdirect eeh.. They'll resemble ''Baby I see my future children in your eyes'' Well-done sir director of public populace registration, Hope you're seeing brilliant morn, spoils, school expenses and other child food on her brow too?

Am not feeling fine jare

29.Bathroom is for thin young ladies, Fat young ladies ought to go to vehicle wash...

Ye who stone me?

30.I purchased power bank for 20k at circle ... What's more I was exceptionally cheerful it was modest until my telephone begun charging the power bank

Abeg which kind black magic be dis?

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