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Minnie Dlamini ex-husband Quinton spotted with someone at Orthodox lounge

More news about Quinton Jones's lifestyle becomes the center of attention after he was stopped at the Orthodox lounge. He was apparently spotted with a new girlfriend at the venue, and many people from the comment section thought that it was his friend who was encouraging him to go out and have a good night.


It becomes known that Quinton is having a partner and people are surprised that he was able to move on so fast, while for Minnie Dlamini, nothing is reported that she is having a new partner. But then the attention remains on Mr. Jones, with whom Musa Khuwula has been keeping a close eye on his lifestyle after the divorce with Minnie.

At the moment, little is known about Quinton's new partner and only the pictures of them being together are seen, but it will surely come to light as time goes by about their new relationship. It is also a surprise that Quinton is someone who likes going out to lounges or clubs. But then he is a human being and he can change his lifestyle at any moment he wants.


Even if he is now spotted with a new partner, it remains his lifestyle and it is just that many people like to keep their attention on other people's lifestyles and look for something exclusive. It remains very unknown how Musa is able to keep tabs on famous people's lifestyles and everything that they share. It remains unknown how he gets his information.

At the moment, more people would love to know about his new partner, and surely they will make it a point to find out who it is. It seems like when you want to live a private lifestyle, you should not be going to any entertainment places, and you will not find yourself trending on social media. Quinton Jones is not on social media, but his lifestyle is known on the timeline.

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