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Nothile wants to know more about to read more

Nothile wants to know more about Pretty

Nothile is a close friend to Glenda and she gets more news about Pretty from Glenda. Remember Glenda knows Pretty as his ex boyfriend's sister.

Nothile has aksed Glenda for Pretty's number to get to know her more and investigate about the relationship that she has with Lehasa.

Nothile thinks that Pretty will tell her more about Lehasa and on how their relationship was until Pretty became pregnant.

Nothile gave Pretty a call to meet up but Pretty was really not interested at all, Pretty told Nothile to stop calling her with Phomolo who is Lehasa's uncle.

Could Nothile be a private investigator?

Is Nothile is a private investigator then Pretty will be her first assignment to do on Lehasa. Why is Nothile so interested to know about Pretty and Lehasa because they are over?

In my opinion i would love to see Pretty and Nothile meet up to see what really Nothile is up to because as far as we know her and Pretty are through with Lehasa.


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