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In shock: This is how much Sisa is making for selling adult content.

Sisa is an adult content creator, she has over 15k followers on twitter, where she posts adult content, Sisa got popular after posting her private part. As per her bio on twitter, Sisa sells her content in her inbox, and she did mention that if you are not going to buy her content then don't, send a private message.

Sisa recently posted a picture of how much people have sent her so far, and from the picture you can see that the transactions were made in less than an 1 hour, what is more shocking is that there is no amount less than $40. This means people buy Sisa flatela's content, more than what you could have thought, while a lot people claimed to not know her, this shows that she actually has a lot of clients.

What do you think these people are paying for? Do you think they are being charged a reasonable price? kindly let me know on the comments section below and don't forget to follow me. Thank you.

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