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VIDEO : Amanda highlighted how "Jub Jub" allegedly raped her in front of her siblings

Social media influencer, brand ambassador, and actress Amanda du Pont gave an account of how she allegedly got raped by Jub Jub for two years.

In the video, she alleged that at one point Jub Jub raped her while her siblings were around so that she would not scream.

Click on the video below for the heartbreaking account of what she went through for two years

It was heart-shattering when she said that she wanted people to know the type of person she dealt with for two years, who is the Uyajola 9/9 host.

She broke down into tears as she was emotional with what she went through. She alleged more than once that it was not love that existed between them as he allegedly raped her .

Amanda dismissed claims that she had left him because of Kelly Khumalo. The actress clarified that she left him because he had literally suffocated her .

Amanda alleged that Jub Jub would take away her car and would not be allowed to have new friends .She alleged that when she went to the police to open a case of abuse, rape , and attempted murder , but the police sent her back home.

She alleged that they told her to go and think about the charges she was laying.This was allegedly done on gounds that the police officer was tired of cases of rape that were being withdrawn.

The alleged experience of Amanda in the hands of Jub Jub and the policewoman who failed to assist her when she was at her weakest point is devastating .

It's painful to note how some law enforcement agencies fail women and children in societies . Police need to protect victims of abuse, but they do the opposite .

These are some of the reasons why many rapists are still out on the streets. Women are afraid to step forward and report cases because they are not believed when they do so .

What do you think should happen with what Amanda said in the video?

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