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Kelly Khumalo issues a stern warning on women stealing men


Singer-songwriter Kelly Khumalo has given some pearls of wisdom to women who have lost their partners to other women and abandoned their fans and followers. 

On social media, Kelly raised the issue of women confronting other women who have "stolen" from their friends, husbands or "situations." 

She begins the video by speaking with what appears to be a Russian accent and saying that the devil is probably disappointed that she is awake because she is speaking on a topic that generally causes conflict between women. 

"I'm sure the devil says, 'Oh my God, she's awake'" yes, honey. I'm awake, ”says the singer. 

Then she says that there is one thing that irritates her, and that is that women argue and argue with other women and blame other women for stealing from their partners. 

“You know I have this thing, it irritates me. That about a woman who says, "Hey, you steal from my boyfriend, you steal from my husband, you rob my husband. Yeah," Kelly says. She 

she Says it is impossible to steal another human from someone else, and she doesn't. understand why women make it difficult for other women when they discover that their husbands are cheating on them instead of confronting their husbands. 

“As women, when we find out that your partner is cheating on you, why do we want the first thing you want to do to chase the girl? 

“Why don't you like the mother you're sleeping with? Why don't you stop the nonsense you sleep next to? Don't be a hypocrite, ”says the star. 

In a follow-up video, she warns that a woman who confronts her about stealing her partner could hit her, not because she fights for the man, but because she takes the stupidity out of the woman. 

“If you come to me and not because of your boyfriend, your situation or your husband, you will get what you are looking for. 

“I'm going to beat the daylight out of you, not because I'm not fighting for your husband. I took the stupidity out of you and when I'm done with you I'll go to your man and bring the daylight out of him and then I'll leave the two of you just to teach you a lesson where you count on your bullshit * **, not me, "Kelly said.

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