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HEARTBREAKING : Rest in Peace Cinthia

The late Cinthia

It is heartbreaking to note that a young twenty-two-year-old Cinthia Lizeth Vega lost her life when a procedure reportedly went wrong on Tuesday. She is reported to have had paid £142 so that she could undergo a bum lift. She also had to undergo arm liposuction.

Things did not go according to plan as her blood pressure reportedly increased soon after she had received a shot of anesthetic. The procedure had been scheduled to take place at Elohim Integral Esthetic Services. Instead of assisting Cinthia, the clinic staff reportedly fled the scene.

The late Cinthia

Revelations claim that the place was not licensed to perform any surgical procedures. It is sad to note that a bogus health institution is responsible for the death of a young waitress who was only trying to upgrade her looks.

Bum lifts are reported to be popular with Kim Kardashian being one of the popular personalities who did that. The report stated that her father had advised against the act, but she decided to follow what she wanted. Even though it is not her fault that the health center was a bogus one, she should have conducted more research on the institution before deciding to risk her life.

There is are fake surgeons out there who will do anything to make cash, including risking people´s lives like what happened with Cinthia.

If she had conducted more research, the tragedy would not have happened. Women also need to feel content with how they look.

The late Cinthia

Cinthia may not have felt comfortable with how she was looking and wanted to have her looks modified. In such circumstances, the families have a huge role in encouraging the affected family members. Mothers are known as being supportive, but in the case of Cinthia, her mother should have encouraged her to accept how she was looking.

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