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Divorce Affair

Allegedly Kwesta Has A Song dedicated To His Side Chick, Nthabiseng, Cheating Rumours Surface

Did you know that Kwesta also has a song dedicated to his side chick Nthabiseng? Rumors have surfaced that kwesta is cheating on his perfect and humble wife whom we all enjoyed qatching their wedding and one of the most amazing proposal he has ever done.

It is allegedly said that this side chick has been long existing throughout, question remains, if his qife is a 10, why does he cheat, why do men cheat in general, no one can really answer that question honestly because no one has answers to it.

Check the lyrics below

I’m starting to believing men were build to have more than one woman, if we are being really honest with ourselves should we start to normalise this or continue pretending to be shocked?

If as women we cheat, We are woman and it doesn’t work that way for us , deep down do you have the strength for 2 men ? It’s feel weird man getting undressed for more than one man isn’t nice and doesn’t feel good for us woman , only a woman will hear me, this has nothing nothing to do with men.

" It's really not rocket science, It's really not hard to undress for two men whom you love, I think you should stop speaking for women, speak for yourself.We have women who find it pleasurable to engage in sexual intercouse with more than 1 man or be in multiple relationships"

It would make sense if they could handle it when they have more than one elan, but they can’t they start getting too excited, attached and clumsy this is why they always get caught 🙄🙄

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