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Meikie Left John Maputla Off Gut After She Revealed This In, Here Is What Happened on Skeem Saam

It's how @SkeemSaam3 manages to be current and informative for me at all times. It's insane how aware people are. Skeem Saam is still unbeaten; this is the best show ever, and it requires a one-hour schedule; the 30-minute format does not work for us.

Meikie Left <a class=John Maputla Off Gut After She Revealed This In ,Here Is What Happened on Skeem Saam"/>

In Skeem Saam, everything happens for a reason, and the show is so well-connected that viewers may grow up with it. As a mother and grandma, Mantuli will never progress since she keeps making the same mistakes. She will never modify her harmful behavior since it is ingrained in her DNA. Mantuli deceives the audience, putting her role in jeopardy for years. She is the most talented actress. Mantuli has been through a lot, and she was even duped by the filmmaker when they videotaped Dennis chasing Clemy down, so please don't tell me pigs can't fly.

Meikie is not impressed by John's desire to do the right thing by Kwaito. Even though it is the correct thing to do, Meikie will always oppose John Maputla's intentions for Kwaito. Kwaito did not request this, but it was John and Mantuli who transported him to the Planet of the Living. Meikie needs to rest now or she will die of a heart attack; she needs to realize that Zamo is here to stay and that, as Maputla's son, he should be included in the Will as well.

People, please take pity on Meiki and place your shoes on hers. Mantuli does not deserve a penny from the Maputlas family; Kwaito does, and it is difficult to forgive someone who was once your friend and is now your spouse'.

We can all pass judgment on Meikie because we haven't been in her shoes... If my best friend slept with my husband and had a child, I'd be like her... I can't say I blame her. What would you do if you were in Meikie's position, most of the people who are criticising her? It's better that she's playing, but this is something that most women go through in real life.

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