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The wife|| Is the Show coming to an end? Mzansi reacts after exiting of the cast was revealed

Is has been revealed that most of the starring in the show The wife is leaving. At this point the only valid question is that, who exactly is not exiting the show? The following actors are said to be leaving the well loved show, Mandisa, Hlomu, Zandile and the older brother. Mzansi has fell in love with these people and now that there is an announcement of their departure it makes it difficult to adjust to this new change.

The wife is said to be recasting its actors. Firstly Mondli Makhoba is leaving the show. After playing the role of "Bhuti omdala" on season one and 2 he will allegedly not be returning back to the show during the 3rd season. How can a whole anchor, the pillar of the Zulu nation leave the show. This is a total devastation. Exactly the whole powerful and close family narrative we fell inlove with in the books and later on screen since day 1 is out the window at this point. Even Mpande's death was hard to accept, now this. This a terrible move for the newly aired show.

The second person to leave the show is Khanyi Mbau. Who was Nkosana's wife. She was one of the best stars the gave the show a real showtime. The wife is becoming exhausting because it is recasting each and every season. And this may be a breaking point because each and every major member is leaving the show.

Final but not least person to leave the show is Sodlaka Zikalala. Who played the role of Mandisa in the show. Well for her it is expected because in the book she did die of course. However it is a bad move because the viewers want to see her being killed. And not mysteriously disappear with no trace. Something is definitely wrong with the producers. It is evident enough.

And finally the star of the show is also leaving. Yes, Hlomu is leaving the show also. It is alleged that she is pregnant in real life. Which is one of the major reasons why she might not even come back duri g the 3rd season. This definitely means the the show will lose viewers in numbers. Unless if they can match the same energy from the original book. And revamp in a proper way. Follow to find out updates on the show.


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