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Bonang Matheba To Call Out Davin Phillips?

It's not a secret that there's an ongoing legal battle between Bonang Matheba and Davin Phillips after irregularities that appeared in their contract. Being singed under CSA Global presented her with a lot of challenges especially when she was made aware that half of her wine brand was owned and managed by the Vino Ventures. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.


Who is Davin Phillips?

Before they parted ways he was Bonang Matheba's PR executive. It all started in 2017 when she announced her deal with Celebrity Services Africa (CSA). They were responsible for managing her entertainment and fashion gigs across Africa and globally. According to Phillips LinkedIn account, he is the director of CSA. On the same year Vino Ventures which was tasked with the production of the MCC and distribution to its independent partner Woolworths. Phillips is the director of that company.

BNG ownership controversy

As it stands it seems like there's no clear indication on who's benefiting more from this deal and who's reaping of the other. But what we can devise from this saga is that celebrities continue to fall victim to IP theft and exploitation due to failure to read contracts. We've seen a lot of them - including singers that have been involved in muddy deals and got away with nothing.

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