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Skeem Saam teasers from 4 March to 12 March 2021.

These past three days it has been terrible days for Mokgadi and Marry, the slap the drama Noah cost, Noah's disappearance, and no one knows where he could have been. Let's see what will happen after all these dramas that led Marry to kidnap her grandson.

Thursday 4th of March 2021 episode 174.

The plan that Marry is working on to rescue Noah appears to seem to be backfiring. Leeto is not shocked when he discovers who is behind all their hijacking thing with Noah. Melita is still obsessed with exposing Alfios even while she is struggling.

Friday 5th of March 2021 episode 175.

A young fellow meets a catastrophic end amid his parents loud screaming. Tbose gives his parents a ponderous ultimatum in regards to Leeto. While Melita is investigating Alfios her state jump from bad to worse.

Monday 8th of March 2021 episode 176.

Despite everyone's protests, Turf hospital dismisses patients. Melita is desperate about getting to know who Alfios is working for despite her unsuccessful attempts. Lehasa will request a meeting with Fanie, which makes him uneasy.

Tuesday 9th of March 2021 episode 177.

Wallet reveals to Malebana the secret behind hijacking, which adds fuel to the tension. Melita's desperation begins to annoy Principal Thubakgale. Lehasa requests help from Fanie, but Fanie has suspicious concerning him.

Wednesday 10th of March 2021 episode 178.

Noah reveals a well-hidden secret, and Leeto is astonished when he hears of it. Charles kunutus first business meeting begins, meanwhile, two rivals start attacking each other. Fanie pressurises Lehasa because he aims at acquiring power and influence in business.

Thursday 11th of March 2021 episode 179.

Bopape gets to know Noah secret and he is furious at Leeto. Melita lands in the hospital after curiosity bounces back at her. Lawyer Moss have exciting news for Chef Kgosi and Fanie.

Friday 12th March 2021 episode 180.

Kobus is shocked when Noah reveals his most hidden secret to him. Melita attempt to get herself discharged but fails miserably. Legasa lack of trust in Fanie makes a few of the new patrons uneasy.

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