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"I never knew I will overcome all the mock", Queen Paticia's body-shaming story is really touching

One thing most people do not understand is that body-shaming someone is illegal in most of the Democratic countries of the world. This is because of the among of damages this can. Don't say it's just a word that she was not beaten and other blind excuses cos negative talks can eat deeply into one's emotion and cause lots of damages like depression.

However, it takes the strong will of victims to shake it off and grow beyond while concentrating to do reach their target in life. In the society, most of the primary targets are often women especially those of plus-size.

Nevertheless, just like Queen Patricia overcame many of our ladies can too. The entertainment sensation seems to have passed through a lot in the hand of bullies recalling her ordeal on how she overcame.

According to her, "I never knew I will be victorious against mockers who makes jest of me whenever I pass the street, giving me different kinds of name just to make me feel bad about myself. It affected my personality then but thank I never gave in. Today I can only encourage other plus-size women to be strong and stop listening to bullies" she concluded.

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