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Skeem Saam: Paxton Kgomo will face the consequences for his actions

Paxton Kgomo will face the consequences for his actions, because he decided to proceed with strike and Sargeant Babaile and Meneer Manaka tried to warn them, and the worst part is that Paxton Kgomo hit his father Obert Kgomo with stone in that protest, so he will also find his father at home waiting for him.

Mr Kgomo started to see that, it is true when they are saying Paxton Kgomo is a trouble maker, because he is the one who was leading that protect, and other children were supporting him.

Now other children realised that Paxton got them into the trouble once again and everyone decided to turn against him, because he was trying to convince them that they should go back and protest again.

So Paxton Kgomo will see that it was a bad idea to go and protest against principal Thobakgale, because he got himself into a trouble.

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