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Heavy K is Allegedly labelled As Bad Parent

Nearby artist Ntombi Nguse is worn out on the dad of her two kids, DJ and maker Mkhululi "Weighty K" Siqula's unsupportive ways. An obviously exhausted Nguse took to Instagram to share an extended post to get the honor winning maker's consideration and call him out for not supporting his kids. The 25-year-old started her post by saying that posting her message took "a ton". She then, at that point, proceeded to detail how troublesome co-nurturing with the DJ has been.

"At the point when I say a ton, I mean a ton! You have been only harmful from our past relationship till this very day you are poisonous!" she said. The Ndibambe entertainer uncovered that Heavy K's nurturing issues started later they split, which was in 2019. Nguse clarified that she never expected this since when they were seeing someone, DJ assumed his part, as a dad ought to.

"Co-nurturing with you is one of the most exceedingly awful encounters I'm presently going through. It's a steady fight, and it's dismal in light of the fact that I've never seen this one coming. You've generally adored your children, consistently dealt with them like a father ought to however since the time the year 2019.

Since the time we headed out in different directions, you sort of headed out in different directions from your young men as well. All they have now become is PR for your image," she said. She additionally talked about their six-year-old's wellbeing battles. Their youngster was determined to have cerebral paralysis, a condition that influences muscle tone, development, coordinated movements and now and then mind work.

"You have a crippled six-year-old kid that is as yet unfit to walk, who doesn't have a wheelchair, who doesn't have any clinical service, and that time all you at any point sent is 5k. "They have a caretaker that should be paid. There are school expenses, transportation, clinical necessities, food. Who do you think pays for all that? " she composed. The artist proceeded to say that assuming she had the option to keep up with her kids, she would not go to their dad for help.

Nguse shared that the Inde hitmaker makes "void guarantees" a neglects to come through for their youngsters. She begged the well known DJ to alter his way of living and make an arrangement for their kids. "It doesn't matter at all to me whether or not your things are working out in a good way. I really want you to roll out an improvement and make an arrangement for my children!" she argued.

"I'm burnt out on you! You are tiring, and I need individuals to know what you are putting your children through. Call me psycho or severe, now, I don't give a f**k! For my children, I will do anything. I need a wheelchair for Juju! What's more I need you to make an arrangement like you have been promising the beyond 2 years. I can't be paying for physios alone! Language teachers, word related, hydrotherapy is required make an arrangement.

Nguse finished her extended post by saying that she has been driven excessively far by the DJ and has turned into "a psycho child mother". The DJ presently can't seem to openly address the cases made by his ex, however it appears to be the message has been conveyed as he has wound down his remarks on Instagram.

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