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Fans have threatened to beat up Njeza in real life after he was attacked on screen for abusing Nosip

It's true that the storyline sends a strong message, but I just don't believe Njeza was/is the right person to deliver it. Are you telling us that there are no men out there who are fighting against this kind of behavior? I mean, we all know that Njeza murdered his own father because he was assaulting his mother, and we also know that Njeza has always had a soft spot for women, so how can you convert someone like that into a monster? Apart from that, I don't like the idea that a man who grows up in a toxic family where his father hits his mother ends up becoming like his father; after all, we are all responsible for our own actions. Anyway, that's just my perspective, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends. Another lesson we can take away from this is that as parents, we should never allow other men to play games with our children, as they did with Nosipho's mother, who allowed every man she met to stay in the house she and Xulus built for their children, and now Nosipho is suffering as a result of her mother's actions.

Jon Jon Starr is a musician and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. If you truly believe what you say, you are another another victim of abuse in need of professional assistance, as is everyone else. A grown woman is not a child, and you should not spank her whenever you have a disagreement with her. Instead, you should sit down and talk with her or end the relationship if all other options fail. Physical or emotional torture will never be a solution.

Viewers are now debating whether or not they would beat up Njeza if they came across him in real life for beating up Nosipho, according to the broadcast. It appears that his plot has gotten a lot of people excited. The vast majority of the time, those who have witnessed abuse firsthand grow up to be the true abusers, doing exactly what they despise seeing in their parents or caregivers.

Njeza is following in his father's footsteps; remember that he was imprisoned because he killed his father because his father was abusive, and he went on to kill his mother as a result of his actions. The writer must stop this section of Abusing because the way Nozi protects Jezzman after this because she is afraid of losing someone she loves, it will continue to promote abuse to those who are leaving abusive relationships because they are protecting their loved ones, and this will continue to promote abuse to those who are leaving abusive relationships because they are protecting their loved ones.

It is terrible to abuse, but it appears many jazzmen take pleasure in doing so because they know Nozi will not report it as much as many women are hesitant to do so... Some people, such as ourselves, have never been in an abusive relationship, but because Nozi protects jazzmen, we will assume that our partners will behave in the same manner, forgetting that we are different, and we will conclude that we are different from one another, which will be the end of our relationship. This section is gloomy since it resembles the real world.

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