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Pregnancy period

Is Pretty Pregnant with Lehasa's Child? | Skeem Saam

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Life is known as the most unpredictable events and unexpected curve balls. There are actions and then there are consequences. Some consequences are beyond undesirable.

If you do not believe what I am saying, let us look at what is happening with and to Pretty at the moment. She is supposed to be focusing on her studies, but she is struggling to keep things together.


Her current state mind is not a good one. She is having mood swings and abnormal cravings. This is happening because of her trip to Johannesburg.

Do you remember that she spent some time with Lehasa and the two were intimate? You have guessed it! Pretty could be pregnant and the only possible and potential father is none other than the shrewd business man, Lehasa Maphosa.

The moments that Lehasa and Pretty share might have not really meant anything at the time; since Pretty needed to blow off some steam. However, if Pretty is really pregnant that will definitely mean something.


At times, no matter what we may find ourselves going through it is important to ensure that we do not let the pressure that we are under lead us into situations that are either sticky or could possibly change the course of our lives forever. Yes, it is true; some decisions that are either made to pressure or a spur of the moment thing can change our lives for the better. Looking at Pretty and knowing Lehasa, do you think that the pregnancy will change Pretty's life for the better?


Normally when one decides to further their studies, it is so that their lives and the lives of those around them could improve. With that said, how do you think Mantuli will react when she finds out that Lehasa is the one who got Pretty pregnant?

Keep in mind that Lehasa is one of the people that Mantuli and other people from Turfloop do not really like. What do you think will be the overall reaction to the news that Pretty is pregnant and Lehasa is the father?

If Pretty and Kat were still together, it was going to be very easy for Pretty to saygd is the father. But because he dumped her because if what she did with Lehasa while they were still an item, do you think he will feel sorry for her and maybe be her shoulder to cry on when Lehasa rejects the pregnancy? (As it were!)

Let's watch, wait and see!

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