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Obama's daughter Sasha rumoured to be an adult film actress and a wild child after her pics surfaced

17 December 2020


Johannesburg, South Africa

Rene Hubert

Former US president Barack Obama's daughter has been vilified by social media users after some photographs of her surfaced.

People have blamed the stress of being kept in presidential bubble as the cause of her new behaviour, some simply believe she's a teenager being a teenager and there's nothing wrong with that.

She has been seen in some popular company and is currently trending after her private pictures were leaked to the media.

At least she's not grinding on her father like someone...

In my opinion, Sasha Obama looks a bit worrying but if these photos & videos that are being circulated around are from private accounts or accounts clearly meant to be hidden, we should leave them there and not judge her.

Concerning the allegations that she's now a pornographic actress, that's just a lie (not that I would know) and very disrespectful to her person.


Let me know what you think of this and what your stance is...

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