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Paxton is too much, from jail cell to fights


Paxton is too much, from jail cell to fights

Paxton Kgomo is the character that many viewers have been waiting for. Someone to bring life to Turf High. The school has been quiet for a long time with no drama.Testing the patients of teachers and their ability to change the school for the better. Skeem Saam is no longer boring because of his drama that keeps everyone glued to their screens.

Paxton portrays a character of a narcissist and he has become, in the common vernacular, a spoiled brat. He is a bad influencer with a bad attitude and does not have respect for his teachers. Paxton is always causing problems, he just came from jail now continue to cause problems and fight other kids.

Even aftet prison Pax doesn't change his behavior. The fact that his father called the cops on him made him more angry. Instead of learning his lesson he continues to be trouble. Clearly he will go back to his old ways.


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