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Mohumi awakening Kenneth Mashaba on The River: [Opinion]


The community of Refilwe on the telenovela The River are the perfect example of the reason why one should not take any decisions in anger.They took a haste decision while they were angry, and didn’t even think it about its consequences.It is ironic how they are now having meetings about the damage and when they were angry they never thought sitting down and thinking about what will be the relevant move.They all thought that everything will be smooth and they will forever be happy and monied.

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However Mohumi did not give them time to witness the happiness of enjoying the money and benefits of owning the mine.None of their request have come to pass they made a mistake of trusting Mohumi who portrayed himself as a changed man.Mohumi is good with words and know more about mining which might the reason why they trusted him.Recently he has been awakening the character of Kenneth Mashaba he never cared about anything else besides money and himself.He was ruthless and heartless he never had anyone as a friend as he had enemies everywhere.


Mohumi is becoming like Kenneth Mashaba as he has already showed his true colours.It’s seems as if Mohumi never changed but being without money and power made him to pretend being a changed man whilst he was not.He is nonchalant of his actions everything revolves around him and making himself money and living his best life. He is burning the bridges for himself and destroying relationships with everyone who trusted him.

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The producers and writers are teaching that money has a way of revealing one’s true colours.Some become greedy and others know how to invest the money instead of eating it all up, and making enemies in the process of doing that.Kudos to Seputla Sebogodi for portraying the character of Mohumi to an extent of it awakening the character of Kenneth Mashaba.He is indeed authentic and respects his craft.

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