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Top 10 Blockbuster Movies of October 2021

In September, 5 movies made their debut into the top 10. This month 9 made a wipe-out of a debut, leaving only one movie from September left standing. I can tell you this, Marvel is still on top of the food chain, when it comes to October. Let’s find out which September movie is the last one standing:


🔟 My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (Released October 29 2021) 🆕


9️⃣ The Many Saints of Newark (Released October 1 2021) 🆕


8️⃣ The Last Duel (Released October 15 2021) 🆕


7️⃣ Ron's Gone Wrong (Released October 22 2021) 🆕


6️⃣ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (Released September 3 2021)  🔽


After debuting at number #1 in September, Marvel Studio’s second movie for of the year has dropped 5 positions down the ladder in October. It technically is the only movie that was a part of the original top 10 and still remains in the current top 10.


5️⃣ The Addams Family 2 (Released Oct 1 2021) 🆕

4️⃣ Dune (Released October 22 2021) 🆕


3️⃣ Halloween Kills (Released October 25 2021) 🆕


2️⃣ No Time to Die (Released October 8 2021) 🆕


1️⃣ Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Released October 1 2021) 🆕


As you have noticed, the 9 biggest movies of September that were knocked out of the top 10 are:


😥 Free Guy

😥 Candyman

😥 Jungle Cruise

😥 PAW Patrol: The Movie

😥 Malignant

😥 Dear Evan Hansen

😥 Cry Macho

😥 Don't Breathe 2

😥 Copshop



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