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Skeem Saam. Who Could Be The Result Of Mantuli's Promiscuous Behaviour?

We who watched from day 1 knew Seakamela was a strange man who always left his family and come and go as he please and the last time he demanded a DNA test on Pretty and it came positive and I think his reason was just so he could dodge support like he always did.

Who could be the result of Mantuli's promiscuous behaviour??Seakamela surely suspected MaNtuli of cheating, hence he wanted DNA test to be done.Did DNA test on a wrong bird - Pretty. The bird that is not his is Kwaito.

I get that one of kids might not be Seakamela's but it can't be John's. They don't act weird around each other with MaNtuli. They don't act like people that have a history.

If you can't use fork and knife properly you need gross motor skills according to Meikie. Meikie is also dodging her responsibility as a grandmother while she's the one who insisted that Pitsi should come and live with them.

I mean she used to chew Thabo’s ear off about wanting to live with her grandson and now that he is here, she complains day and night.

Such emotional blackmail. Guys like Kwaito will make you the villain and deflect from the real issue. He is the one who lied and went to Jozi with Glenda, now Lizzy is blamed for not being there "when he needed her the most"

Skeem Saam goes to show that education doesn't equal intelligence or even common sense. Lizzy can see that Kwaito is a pig, they are telling her it's a pig, it even behaves like a pig,but she wants it to be a sheep. Abo Lizzy and zero self love.

Lizzy curved kwaito in high school and now she's a mess because of him? What more do you need for you to believe in karma?Before the end of the week, Kwaito will be back to his two-timing ways!

Sthoko is definitely lying she couldn’t even pretend. Zamokuhle’s pain though, and pretty’s confusion. Somebody must tell us something

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