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Lebo has been Married five times. Check here

Lebo M Has Been Married Five Times To 3 Women – Meet His Wives and Children 

The Lion King maker Lebohang Morake, also called Lebo M, reported that he had punched out with his better half, Angela Ngani-Casara. This would be the third endeavor that the two have been making since 2008 at getting a relationship moving. In the event that you think this is intriguing, the unbelievable arranger has, altogether, been hitched multiple times to three ladies in his 56 years of presence. 

The primary lady he was hitched to was Viveca Gibson, and the marriage endured a large portion of 10 years before they chose to head out in different directions. His next marriage was to Nandi Ndlovu for a gigantic 11 years before the entire thing came slamming. Lebo M would get hitched a third an ideal opportunity to Angela Ngani-Casara. After the marriage fizzled, he chose to return and remarry his ex Angela Ngani-Casara after a bombed commitment to Zoe Mthiyane. In the entirety of his relationships, Lebohanh fathered a sum of 9 kids, and he is as of now a granddad. 

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Profile of Lebo M 

Original name: Lebohang Morake 

Date of birth: 11 July 1964 

Age: 56 years of age 

Vocation: Producer and music arranger 

Spouses: 3 

Kids: 9 (7 natural) 

Viveca Gibson Was His First Wife 

Viveca Gibson was the principal lady to wed Lebo M when he was not as a very remarkable huge name as he is today. Insights about their initial excursion together, including how they met, stay problematic. As per sources, the association kept going 5 years before the two chose to leave in separate. 

Since he was not a major name at that point, the date of the marriage and separation stay obscure. In any case, the conviction is that they got married in the last part of the 1980s when Lebo was as yet in his 20s. Since the marriage reached a conclusion, Viveca has kept on keeping a private life. They had two little girls together. 

His Marriage To His Second Wife, Nandi Ndlovu, Lasted Longer Than All Others 

The following marriage of the Lion King maker after the first fizzled was to Nandi Ndlovu. How the two met is extremely fascinating on the grounds that Nandi used to be a neighborhood entertainer who was a cast part in the Sarafina melodic dramatization. At that point, Lebo went to the country, and when he needed to return, the maker of the film, Mbongeni Ngemna, who was likewise his companion, requested that he stay back a little and partake in the creation as a cast part. 

Through this, he met Nandi in 1990, and by 1992, they had effectively strolled to the special stepped area and got hitched in a stylish occasion. In contrast to his different relationships, this went on for over 10 years. While a few sources guarantee they were together as man and spouse for a very long time, others guarantee Lebo M wedded Nandi in 1992, and they got separated in 2007. On the off chance that the subsequent attestation, which we can't affirm, is valid, it implies they were hitched for as long as 15 years. 

From the outset, it appeared like it was the one that would work for him, however a couple of years after the demise of their child, the marriage reached a conclusion in a rancorous manner. Nandi then left South Africa for the United States, where she later asserted there was an endeavor to push her off the street in 2009. She affirmed that her previous spouse was behind the occurrence, however Lebo kept up there was no reality to that. 

Angela Ngani-Casara Became His Third Wife in 2008 

Lebo M 

Lebo and Angela (Image Source) 

Not burnt out on the excursion on the walkway, Lebo chose to give marriage another attempt, so he wedded Angela Ngani-Casara in 2008. The marriage didn't keep going for over 5 years, as they punched out in 2013. The separation was accounted for to be brought about by a contention because of the responsibility for house in Johannesburg. Angela trusted Lebo had effectively purchased the property, however she later understood that it was rented. She purportedly went up against him, and it brought about something that relatives couldn't address. 

She supposedly was tossed out of the house by Lebo with only her garments in a plastic pack. Following their first separation, Lebo got into different connections and verged on settling down with Zoe before they headed out in different directions, and he got back to Angela Morake, whom he wedded in 2016 in Egypt. This turned into his fourth marriage. 

The function was a little one that was coordinated for just dear loved ones. The group of Angela came from Italy to go to the occasion. It didn't amaze numerous individuals that the marriage just kept going a year prior to reaching a conclusion in 2017. 

His Fifth Marriage Was Again To Angela Ngani-Casara 

Three years after they headed out in different directions, Angela and Lebo chose to give their adoration another attempt, so they wedded in 2020. This turned into the third time they would get married. Not long after they wedded, they moved into another home with their kids. 

This marriage likewise went a similar path as all others before it in 2021 when they declared that even after a third time, they couldn't get their association right, consequently they chose to head out in different directions. 

Here is a rundown of the multitude of ladies he has hitched 

Viveca Gibson (1980s) 

Nandi Ndlovu (separated in 2007) 

Angela Ngani-Casara (2008 to 2013; 2015 to 2017; 2020 to 2021) 

Lebo M Is A Father Of 9 Children 

From his numerous excursions to and from the special stepped area and a portion of his connections, Lebohang Morake has fathered up to 9 kids. As per him, he really needed more than that; he needed to be a dad of 15 youngsters. The organic offspring of the renowned maker are 7 of the 9 youngsters, while two had a place with his ex Angela from a past relationship she had. Back in 2020, Angela's two children were supposed to be youngsters. 

Zakiya Morake Is His First Child 

Lebo M had his first youngster Zakiya from his first union with Viveca. She was brought into the world in 1987, and after the separation of her folks, she for the most part stayed with her dad. Generally brought up in the United States, she stays under the radar, in spite of the fact that there was the underlying conviction that she would follow the imaginative way of her dad. 

The Second Child of Lebo M is Nthabiseng Morake 

Otherwise called Nthabi, she is the second girl of the expert maker, and she was additionally birthed to him by his first spouse. Nthabi was raised close by her more seasoned sister, Zakiya, in the United States, Los Angeles, to be exact. Brought into the world in 1989, she likewise keeps an extremely private life. 

Refilwe Morake Is The Third Daughter Of The Lion King Producer 

The following kid to join the family is Refilwe Morake, his little girl with his subsequent spouse, Nandi. She was brought into the world somewhere in the range of 1994 and 1995. She went through some piece of her life in the United States, and she is less private than her different kin. All the more in this way, she is the person who chose to continue in the strides of Lebo and is referred to expertly as Refi Sings. 

She depicts herself as an artist, lyricist, and reality star, and no uncertainty, she is gifted. At the point when she was 23 years of age in 2017, she joined her dad in front of an audience during the Hanszimmer Live 2017. She makes a solid show on the family's unscripted television show, Lebo M – Coming Home. She is without a doubt her dad's number one kid. 

Tshepiso Morake Is His Fourth Child, But They Are Not In The Best of Terms 

Picture Source 

The following offspring of the writer, Tshepiso, was birthed to him from his second union with Nandi. He is the more youthful sibling to Refilwe, brought into the world somewhere in the range of 1997 and 1998. The youngster doesn't have the best of associations with his dad, and surprisingly however his sister has attempted to see that they patch wall, she has been not able to accomplish that yet. 

In view of their relationship, Tshepiso has gone similar to scrutinizing the part of Lebo as a dad, something that the maker isn't excessively satisfied with. To exacerbate the situation for their relationship, Lebo M isn't on acceptable footing with the child mother of his child, Ayanda, whom he depicted as being discourteous. Tshepiso additionally brought the part of Lebo as the granddad to his kid to address. 

As indicated by Lebo, the motivation behind why he doesn't have a decent connection with Ayanda, who is also called Barbie, is that he doesn't believe her and her family since they needed him to pay a silly R200,000 power charge they brought about as a feature of the installment for the inhlawulo (harms) brought about by his child who impregnated Ayanda. Tshepiso Morake and Ayanda are guardians of their youngster, King. On account of this, Lebo is a granddad, despite the fact that his relationship with the pair is corroded. 

He Lost One Of His Children; Thembalethu Morake 

Among the seven kids sired by the renowned writer was Thembalethu, one of the two kids he had with his subsequent spouse, Nandi. He kicked the bucket as a little fellow in 2003 when he fell in a pool in the family's Randburg home. His name was attracted to the information in 2020 when Nandi blamed Lebohang for taking her name off the gravestone on their child's grave and supplanting it with others, including alluding to the child of his previous spouse, Angela. 

As indicated by her, she went to drop blossoms at the grave of her child and understood that there was an adjustment of the headstone she picked for her child; rather than perusing "Love you forever, Your mother," she expressed he changed to "Love from your father, sisters, and siblings." She was not content with her name being taken off and the reference of "siblings" since Lebo M just has a child except if he joined Angela's child. In the midst of the whole adventure, Lebo M wouldn't remark on the matter. 

Mthunzi Is His Stepson From His Marriage To Angela 

The solitary natural child that the maker and writer have since the demise of Thembalethu is Tshepiso. Be that as it may, through his union with Angela, with whom he has a little girl, he presently has a stepson, Mthunzi. Very little is thought about him with the exception of that he was brought into the world from a past relationship Angela had. More than 20 years old, Mthunzi keeps a cozy relationship with Lebo, and he was on the family's show on Showmax. 

Ketso Is His Second Step-Child 

Still from his association with Angela, Lebo turned into the stepfather of her girl from another relationship bef

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