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I Went All The Way To America To Find Love Because I Was Tired Of Cooking In Nigeria - Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi traveled to the United States to find love since she was fed up with cooking in Nigeria.

It was recently revealed by Korra Obidi, a dancer from the United States, why she decided to get married there.

Korra Obidi said in a video posted on social media that she left Nigeria to find love because she was fed up with doing the housework and cooking in her native country. She expressed her frustration at having to spend so much time in the kitchen, especially around the holidays.

Because she was tired of kneeling to meet everyone, the divorced dancer fled Nigeria for the United States.

In her own words, she stated that "To find love, why did I travel so far to the United States of America? For one thing, the thought of chopping on Christmas was abhorrent to me. Not going to sugarcoat it. And I was fed up with having to stoop down every time I met someone new."

In recent times, the dancer's marriage to Justine Dean has broken down and they are now divorcing. Just a few days after she gave birth to their second child, he announced their divorce, accusing her of infidelity. After their divorce, they've been throwing barbs on social media. Right now, they're in court arguing over who gets custody of their two kids.

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure.


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