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MONEY IS GOOD: See King Moswati lll and his 15 Wives That Will Leave You Speechless (more details)

King Mswati III is Africa's last absolute ruler and one of the world's last absolute monarchs. He is the King of Swaziland, Africa's second-smallest country with a population of just more than one million people. The kingdom has the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the world, with 40% of the population infected. Regardless of the country's people's predicament, the King frequently draws international attention when choosing a new wife, most notably when he chose sixteen-year-old Miss Teenage Swaziland in 2004, rather than acting in the best interests of his people. 

Mswati III, the king's youngest child, was born on April 19, 1968, to Ntombi Tfwala, one of the monarch's younger queens, and given the name Prince Makhosetive, which means "king of all nations." The Swaziland flag had been raised over a year before his birth on September 6, 1968, and preparations were on for the country's independence, which was announced a few months later, on September 6, 1968, and it was for this reason that he was given the name Makhosetive. 

A Prince's Tale is a fictitious narrative of a prince's life. 

His mother's sister, who also served as his nanny, raised the prince at the Etjeni royal house. The young prince persuaded his father's aide to let him join the Royal Swaziland Police and Royal Palace Guard at the tender age of four, and then the Defence Force a year later, where he apparently took his military training very seriously, according to a biography published by the Swaziland National Publishing Company to inform the nation about their king. The prince had his primary education at Masundvwini Royal School, which his father established in order to train the royal guards, and his secondary education at Lozitha Palace School, which was established in 1979 to educate the royal children and the King's sixty queens. He was a maestro of sibhaca, a traditional Swazi dance, and founded a sibhaca dance team that competed in a variety of events and festivals, including the University of Swaziland. In 1982, the prince passed his Swaziland Primary Certificate Examination with honors in Mathematics and English, and he subsequently moved to Sherbourne, England, to study English, mathematics, business studies, geography, physical science, and economics. 

King Sobhuza II had successfully contained numerous power factions within the royal ruling alliance, and his death in August 1982 created a power vacuum. Makhosetive's father's appointment was not officially acknowledged, as is customary. Prior to his death, the king chose one of his queens, the childless Princess Dzeliwe, as regent until the prince turned 21. It was traditional for her to stay childless in order to avoid becoming entangled in a factional fight to advance her own son's position. However, factional feuds emerged in the open during the interregnum period, while the prince was studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Due to continuous disagreements, members of the Liqoqo, a supreme traditional advisory council, pushed the Queen Regent to retire. Queen Ntombi, Prince Makhosetive's mother, was appointed in her stead by the Liqoqo after she initially denied the job.

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