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Road Accident

Gadaffi And Oby Sold Their Souls To The Devil On Generations

When Gadaffi comes back they thought that the police will be able to arrest him. Ayanda was scared when she sees Gaddafi because she knew that she is the one who sold him out. Oby has sold her life to the devil and they are living their lives using people's blood. They are in partners with Kanono and he is the ones who has been supplying them with people's parts and their blood. They killed Tamryn and make sure they take her parts without her consent.

Tamryn has a rare blood type and it is scares to find a person with the same blood type as her. She lost her life because she was looking for money to help her Friend who was in a hospital. She needed the money to pay for her bills because they were both on a bike accident. Oby and Gaddafi are living with people's parts. The reason why he is untouchable is because his wife is more like a Satanist. Oby will kill people so that they can survive. Recently they make dinner by with someone's liver and Pele are it. She managed to play with Ayanda's mind and now she is always going to her place.

She managed to find out who sold Kumkani out after she made something for her to drink do that she can tell her the truth. They use body parts for rituals. Lately she even told Gaddafi that they ran out of blood and she is becoming weak. She is a dangerous woman because she will do anything possible to get what she wants.


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