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Scandal:Nhlamulo set Lindi up so that she can go down alone

Nhlamulo lives his luxurious life through card scamming and unfortunately for Lindiwe, she did not live immediately after discovering that because she really believed it was their last job. Kasi Shakespeare is really a smooth talker so no wonder Lindi fell for his lies.

He had sold her these big dreams about getting married, being set financially for life and securing the bag together while that was not true for the fact that he sold her out Out of all days she got arrested on her graduation party, the one she threw with the money scammed from other people. Nhlamulo worked with baby mama to eliminate Lindo in their family picture, with her in jail they can play happy families.

The drama was all a stunt to get Lindiwe arrested for assault and the police found very crucial information in my bedroom the card scamming machine which was supposed to be at Nhlamulos place

The police seem to police Lindiwe could so such

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